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个性一句话英文说说心情短语 Time such as water

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内容摘要: 导读:当天空的色彩变得晦暗不明,当所有的颜色变成了黑白灰三色,当天空又开始下起暴雨。你敢不敢说一句我爱你,只是一句能够让我听到就够了的声音。 1.Laugh eyes and lie face2.Forever in my heart . Forever be my world .You are my only on...

1. Laugh eyes and lie face

2. Forever in my heart . Forever be my world .You are my only one.

3. Like quiet, and afraid of loneliness.

4. Smile.It’s easier than explaining why you’re sad

5. If you remember me,then i don not care if everyone else forgets

6. Time such as water, always silent. If you are well, it is sunny.

7. The first glance heartbeat.

8. I met my soul mate,but he didn’t.

9. make me cry,make me smile.

10. You laugh, I can be happy for days; see you cry once, I sad for several years.

11. Deep feeling less than a long time。

12. The time that you are my most fatal.

13. Let the time tell the truth.

14. You are not true happiness

15. My enthusiasm eventually burns himself.

16. I seriously pity that you did not cherish

17. Give me a quilt, let me dream of you first.

18. You look good he will cherish you .

19. But time will steal the wait.

20. Time will tell you the result of love.

21. Lively, is their. I don\'t have anything.

22. Worry so much how do you want to be happy?

23. Do not worry, the best always in the most casual

24. There is always a cry, people instantly grow up.

25. I love every word in your name.

26. You will never be able to see me.

27. Are very busy, busy life, busy growing.

28. I want you by my side

29. Dream three years, three years of pain.

30. You don't frown you the most precious.

31. stop trying to find a rewind。It‘s life , not a movie!

32. you could be my unintended!

33. I like you this thing, too direct, no way to turn.

34. I'll walk with you in the future.

35. i will like you . are you ready ?

36. I even thought about the future! But you go halfway.

37. "I still have a long way to go You don't walked out.

38. ▷"Love a person does not necessarily have to have, but have a person must be good to love him." ▷"

39. l lost my favorite people.

40. Each person as happiness is to be given their own.

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